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Let me introduce myself, I'm Amanda Cook. Vincent actually asked me to be his best women about 6 months ago when we were in the pub. But I never received a formal invitation to the wedding, so I just hope I haven’t eaten a meal meant for someone else. In fact, I’m sure it was such a simple oversight - or more likely, Paul trying to save the cost of a stamp.

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Modern veil styles (like boho-chic flower crowns) have encouraged a rewriting of this tradition, but for a traditional veil style that’s draped over the bride’s face, there are two options. One is to have the father of the bride lift the veil when he gives her away, in a way, revealing her to her partner. The other is for the bride to keep her veil over her face during the ceremony, then have their partner lift it just before the first kiss.

Traditionally, for a Christian ceremony, if you’re in a church facing the altar, the bride stands on the left side and the groom on the right. Guests of the bride and groom follow suit, sitting on the side of whomever they know best or are related to. (Hint: Tell mutual friends to sit on the side with fewer people.) For Jewish ceremonies, it’s the opposite (aka bride on the right, groom on the left). Many couples also opt for free seating, telling their guests to place themselves wherever they please. If neither of you feel affinity for any religion or tradition in particular, stand however works best for your ceremony.

The cake cutting typically takes place after dinner, but you can also cut a quick slice right after your reception entrance or the toasts wrap up. Draw attention to the event by asking your bandleader or DJ to make an announcement (or one of you can do this). If you have older guests who might be leaving early, cut your cake near the beginning of your reception or right after dinner.

You and your partner might have the perfect ceremony exit planned, but don’t forget you’re also responsible for getting your wedding party to the reception. If you’re going casual and want them to simply drive over, let everyone know this beforehand so they can carpool or organize transportation ahead of time.

Wear your engagement ring on your right hand or have someone you trust hold it for you. If you want to wear your engagement ring for the reception, you can put it on after the ceremony. For Jewish weddings, it’s fine to wear your engagement ring and then exchange wedding bands if you want to keep with tradition. Also remember: The wedding band is usually worn closest to your heart (first on your finger) on your left hand.

You’ve likely seen this stunt done in romantic comedies, and whether or not you’ll have to get this sort of royal treatment depends on the dress. A full-length ball gown will probably require an extra set of hands to hold up the skirt while you do your thing. Trust us—the cost versus the benefit on this is a no-brainer. But if you’re sporting a silk sheath and a group bathroom trip makes you cringe, go ahead and fly solo.

We probably don’t need to tell you to keep it PG, but your first kiss as a married couple definitely doesn’t have to be just a peck. Do what comes naturally to you both as long as you don’t catch your partner by surprise or do anything you’ll regret in a few years when you’re rewatching your wedding video.

We get it—you don’t want to stand around after the ceremony in an assembly line. Instead, greet your guests during the reception by stopping by each table during the first course. Just make sure you have time to eat too. Also, make a short speech thanking guests for coming and give a shoutout to vendors and parents.

e’ve all been to weddings where guests cut loose on the dance floor and ditch the uncomfortable footwear for bear feet or flats. However, the thought of stepping on something sharp (or getting stepped on by a stiletto) and risking an injury early on in the night is a little too much for us to endorse going barefoot.

Everbody is welcome to our day-after brunch on Sunday, October 17! The brunch will be held at the downstairs restaurant of the Eden Roc starting at 10 a.m. A separate invitation will be included in your wedding welcome bag when you arrive at the hotel.

We have arranged for Uber ride passes for our event! When booking your Uber ride please use the promo code 54Y7 to receive the discount. P.S. The reserved hotels are a short ride away from the ceremony/reception location.

We can accommodate up to 250 ceremony guests depending on which space is requested. For wedding receptions we can accommodate up to 194 in the Reiman Ballroom, 300 guests in Reiman Ballroom and Mente/Boyd Reception Area, and up to 500 utilizing the entire building for a less formal reception. Contact the events staff for examples of diagrams and room setups.

The Alumni Center reserves the right to charge a damage/cleaning fee if necessary after the wedding. There are no overtime charges; however, the guest and client must exit per the agreed upon time. Proof of liability insurance may be required. Security may also be required at the expense of the client.

We require a caterer from our list of approved caterers. We also have a list of vendor partners for vendors other than caterers, but do not require you to select from this list. We ask that you provide us with names and contact information of the vendors you are working with so we may assist with making day of arrangements, especially for vendors whom have never been to our venue.

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